Tips To Maintain Friendship With An Ex


Many people may find it very difficult to break up with their partners when they want to leave them. Although they really want to break their relationships, they do not want to turn their partners into enemies. This is why breaking up with partners becomes so challenging. In fact, maintaining your friendship after a breakup is much easier than you think.

There is not only either love or hatred in a relationship, but also friendship.

Your partner should also be your friend in the romantic relationship. When the relationship breaks up, you two may still be friend afterwards. However, it is quite challenging to remain a friendship, especially if you don’t know how to handle with it.

You can try out the following tips to maintain your friendship with your ex-boyfriend/ girlfriend after breaking up.

Remember not to lose your temper.

You should be extremely careful when giving every little reaction during the breakup process. Anger is not a good choice as it can make you do something regretful. With anger, you will probably say something that you do not really mean it.

Remember to stay calm no matter how bad the situation is, your ex will respect you with this.

Don’t have any negative talks about your ex, because what you will say after the breakup is very important. It is undeniable that the break up is painful, and your ex have disappointed you greatly, you should beware of you are saying after the breakup. If you keep saying the negative things about your ex, you are actually building a wall between you and your ex.

Learn to be friends with no stings attached.

You may desire some romantic suggestions from your ex after being friends. However, you should control yourself not to have these expectations from your ex in the friendship. If you have some romantic thoughts, you may even worsen the friendship between you and your ex.

No conditions should be given. Don’t give any condition to be friends with your ex when he or she expresses willingness to be friends with you. The conditions will usually create problems. Many people do find that their ex-lovers perform better as a friend than as a lover.

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