To Find Mr Right You Need to Stop Looking for Mr Perfect


If you’re like most single women you’re on a quest to find Mr. Right. The man who’s perfect for you. One obstacle to finding Mr. Right is Mr. Perfect.

Who is Mr. Perfect? He’s the image of the perfect man who you carry in your mind.  Everything that you want a man to be.

The problem with Mr. Perfect is that in the real world he doesn’t exist. No one’s perfect, some people can pretend to be, but everybody has their faults.
In order to find your Mr. Right you need to get rid of the idea of Mr.Perfect and focus on the qualities and traits that are important to you. When you do that you may find that Mr. Right is already in your life.

To get rid of Mr. Perfect narrow down your dealbreaker list to the things that are important to you. If you met a man who was too short, 20 pounds overweight, and balding, would you date him if that’s not you type. If this man has some of the qualities on your deal-maker list – successful, family oriented, likes to travel, caring  and you felt a slight attraction to him would you give him a chance. I hope you do, he might be your Mr. Right.

No he’s not perfect. But he may be perfect for you

A search for perfection is not only keeping you single, but allowing some great men to slip through their fingers.

Mr. Right can be the man your friends keep trying to set you up with. Your neighbor. Your friend. Your former co-worker. He could even be someone you’re dating now. Any of them could be Mr. Right, if you stop comparing them to Mr. Perfect.

As long as Mr. Perfect is in your thoughts you’ll have a hard time finding Mr. Right.
Figure out what’s really important to you and what you will not tolerate. Write down everything you can think of. You can include values, qualities, personality, and interests. Then narrow each list down to 5 items. These are your dealmakers and dealbreakers.

Then start looking around at the men you already know. How many of them would be perfect for you. You never know, Mr. Right may already be in your life, waiting for you to find him.

From Mr. Wrong to Mr. Right
Stop getting involved with the wrong men and attract the man of your dreams!