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You are never too old for love
Love is timeless and age independent. Of course, what you experience as a teen as a tingling infatuation is just as beautiful when you get older.


Flirting, turtling and exchanging caresses – these needs last a lifetime. Adolescent love is taken for granted.

Elderly people sometimes look funny when they are sitting on the park bench holding hands.

Dating from 50

The older you get, the harder it gets with partnering. Especially the age group 50 plus is more difficult here. The spontaneity and lightheartedness with which one approached others as a young person has often disappeared.
There are certain standards, standards of living and habits that you want to maintain. It is even harder to make contacts when you have suddenly lost the longtime partner or looking for a new beginning after a divorce. One stands alone in life and longs for togetherness.

Like-minded people and peers can be found on dating sites or in personals. It is also advisable, for example, to join clubs or to seek other groups with which to undertake joint ventures. On the Internet, various communities have specialized in the target group 50 plus, bringing together seniors regionally and nationally. In single chats and forums you can exchange ideas and make contacts.

Not only partners are sought, also fears, doubts and worries are discussed here. By keeping the target group private, many people are reluctant to respond to or respond to personals.

Mind or feeling

From 50 plus is often judged in the love not only for feeling but also rational. So you set very different priorities than in the younger generation. This will certainly make the search for a partner harder, perhaps more tedious, but no less exciting.