The #1 Lie That Kills Every Relationship and Keeps You Single


Discover what keeps you single and ruins your relationships

Will you let a lie keep you from finding the love you want and deserve?
I don’t know anyone who hasn’t told a lie at some time.

After all we’re only human!

This is especially true when it comes to your relationships.
Sure, many of these lies are little white lies. I mean what man is going to tell you those jeans do make your butt look big… these harmless lies are usually told with good intentions.

However, some of these lies are huge, so big, pervasive and utterly destructive, they can sabotage your relationships. This can even happen to seemingly compatible and loving couples.

So what IS the #1 Lie that kills every relationship and keeps you single?
Is this lie claiming that you’re monogamous and totally committed when you’re not?

Is this lie having secrets or hiding things about your past?

Are you pretending you like the things he likes or share the same beliefs on fundamental matters– when you know you don’t?

Do you say “I love you” knowing you’re not really sure you do?
These are some really great guesses, however according to Paige Parker, the world-renowned relationship expert and dating coach, not one of those items on the list is the #1 lie.

In fact, neither you nor any man that you’ve dated or been in a relationship told the #1 lie.

This lie is one that is pulled on us, not by each other… BY SOCIETY.
It’s a complete, un-truth that is perpetuated by Hollywood. Unfortunately it’s one that many people buy into. We take it hook, line and sinker from the start of our dating lives.

So what IS the lie? How does it sabotage your chance of finding and keeping “The One?” How does it keep you single? How does it stop you from having the passionate, loving, committed and healthy relationship you want and deserve?
It’s the lie that Hollywood spoon feeds us in romantic comedies and dramas. The lies that we get from Hollywood about relationships leads us to date the wrong men, time and time again. The lie starts with what Hollywood and the media tells us we should expect from a man and a relationship.

What do you expect from a relationship?

Your expectations are what keeps you single and kills your relationships. Guess where many of those expectations were formed.

After all we start off as young girls, playing with Barbie, watching the Disney Princess fairy tales. We’re taught to believe that “some day your prince will come.” Unfortunately many women are still waiting for him.

Without healthy expectations it’s not possible to have a passionate, loving, committed and healthy relationship. You can’t find true love when you don’t really know what true love is. Each of you needs to know what you want and what you can offer each other in your relationship. That’s difficult to do when what you really want and expect is Prince Charming.

Dating Coach Paige Parker has an amazing video.

In it she exposes this lie…and shows you a way to adjust your mindset in two simple steps and finally have your love you want and deserve. The true love and passion you seek. You can watch that video right here.

This video could come down at any time…. Are you tired of being alone? Are you sick of suffering blindly through another unfulfilling relationship? Are you wondering if your relationship is the right one for you? Do you wonder what a healthy relationship is? If the answer is yes, then stop what you’re doing  and get the answers by clicking  on this link.

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