To show yourself only from the best side To show only the best side


The right body care is not only part of everyday life, but also of every real date. After all, you do not want to scare off your counterpart with bad teeth or boils on your skin before you really get to know each other. Before it also radiates on the inner level, the way must first be prepared outwardly. Here are some tips for men and women.

The skin

This is a rather unexpected start, but you should not underestimate the effect of the skin on the other person. In addition to the obvious factors such as pimples or lichen, the skin indicates the health of a person. We register that unconsciously. That’s why you should not only express the pimples before the date, but generally do something more complex body care. This goes for example with a long bath instead of just the shower. Skin-care lotions are part of it, whereby one should naturally pay attention during the bathing, not to let the skin shrivel. Even men should not shy away from exfoliation, as this frees the skin of impurities and dead skin cells that would otherwise not be reached. After all these procedures, it also depends on the complexion. If you have not slept the night or have just passed the flu, you probably will not necessarily shine with a holiday tan. Matter complexion and dark circles should be played discreetly with make-up. This is not only true for women, men should not exaggerate with the make-up. If you want you can also go to the tanning salon. It also applies: Enjoy in moderation, otherwise it seems exaggerated.

Hair, nails and Co.

The same applies to the hair as to the skin. However, one cares in everyday life anyway more to the hair than to the skin. Before the date, it is also advisable to use a conditioner as needed. It is more about styling than daily care. In no case should the hairstyle look as if it was not intentional. Do not just smear gel into your hair and go. But hair is not only on the head. Anyone who is blessed with nose hair should remove it before the date. For this purpose, there are also special Nasenhaarschneider, so you do not always have to work with tweezers.

For example, on the Internet you can find such nose hair trimmer cheap. Where hair in men still seems to be in, women can use the epilator to present the smooth leg splendor afterwards. Of course, the fingernails and toenails should also be cut. For women, there is the optional manicure and pedicure, which is also in vogue for men.